5 Space-Saving Tips for Small Kitchen Makeovers

A small kitchen can also be a great place – as the best ones have smart layouts and clever storage solutions, not a huge size. If you’re planning a renovation, or just quick kitchen makeovers in Sydney, smart storage is the ultimate commandment. Even tiny kitchens can be remodeled to suit every taste – from a cottage one to contemporary.Feeling inspired? here are 7 tips for getting it all right even if your kitchen is small:-

kitchen makeovers sydney
1. Make Use of Corners – Corners are often an overlooked space in the kitchen and an efficient layout can never leave them unused. L-shaped floor-plan can make the best use of these dead spots by making them more functional. Today, a lot of kitchen renovation companies offer customized solutions for your kitchen so that you can make the best use of every inch of space.

2. Hanging Storage – You can turn your tiny kitchen into a fully-functional space where no single inch is left unused. Try hanging storage to hang those bulky pots and pans and you will have enough space on your coutertop to prepare meals. You may get some open shelves installed or wire baskets depending upon your requirement and budget.

3. Add an Island – Even if your kitchen is small, you can still add a beautiful island to its layout. Get an island built and customized as per the available space for an added work surface. Ask you kitchen designer to design an island with personalized storage underneath and that can be rolled into a closet.

4. Compact Appliances – Today, a lot of space-saving options are available when it comes to choosing appliances for your kitchen. Compact refrigerators and microwaves will occupy small space and other appliances can be hung underneath cabinets. Try not to overcrowd your kitchen with unwanted appliances.

5. Smart Lighting – You can easily make an illusion of a huge space with the clever use of lighting. Under the counter or under cabinet lighting will not only add functionality to your space but also gives an illusion of a larger kitchen. Pendant lights and chandeliers are also a great solution to add both glamor and roominess to any kitchen.

kitchen makeover sydneyAre you ready for a kitchen makeover? Make it stand out by applying smart tips and tricks….

5 Space-Saving Tips for Small Kitchen Makeovers

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